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For decades now, across Australia, Reimagine has been at the forefront of enabling life-changing outcomes for children and their families. Reimagine Australia continues to build upon its expertise and knowledge to breathe-to-life communities, systems, policy and practice that will ensure that children yet-to-be-born of families yet-to-be-formed have every opportunity to thrive.

Reimagine Australia, formerly known as Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA), has been the leading Australian body for early childhood outcomes for young children with a developmental delay or a disability and their families, since 1986.

As the singular national body that works with families, government, service providers, and mainstream support services to obtain the very best outcomes for children with developmental delay or disability and their families, Reimagine Australia has been leading the early childhood sector in embedding best practice and inclusive systems design for 35 years.

Reimagine Australia has worked with local and international stakeholders to contribute to the research and development of early intervention approaches that have directly informed the drafting and implementation of key legislation and policy affecting children with disability and developmental delay and their families across Australia, such as the NDIS.

Reimagine Australia dreams of a tomorrow where the eco-system supporting families is designed for all to thrive, and where inclusion is not a goal, it’s our way of life. Together we can change the future. Are you ready to Reimagine?


Reimagine Australia utilises a contemporary business model. We have not only ‘reimagined’ who we can create value for, but how we do it. Having shed the outdated paradigm of the traditional business ‘bricks and mortar secretariat’ model, Reimagine Australia’s nimble ‘living ecosystem’ enables us to instantly scale up and down in a truly responsive and dynamic way, embracing new challenges and opportunities with immediacy.

Our diverse global talent network, known as the Reimagine Tribe, allows us to mobilise industry leaders from across the world to virtually fly-in-fly-out, as required, in a strategic, flexible and cross functional way.

With the right balance of stability and agility, our approach enables us to rapidly sense and seize opportunities and drive value through unprecedented excellence in innovation and outcomes, always underpinned by our deep-rooted backbone of expertise.

We have transformed our organisation, so that we can succeed in reimagining Australia by co-creating value with – and for – you.


Reimagine Australia has been at the forefront of early childhood intervention, leading life-changing, evidence-based outcomes for children with disability and/or developmental delay and their families for over three decades. We are proud to have led and/or collaborated on key advocacy for several initiatives that have shaped the experience and benefit to families under the NDIS early childhood approach, including:

  • The expansion of the NDIS Act to encompass children with developmental delay, not only children with disability. This one piece of advocacy has been transformative for hundreds of thousands of families, since the rollout of the NDIS
  • The ability for children to access the NDIS without the need for diagnosis, enabling swifter access to services and supports during the critical early years.
  • The NDIS utilising our National Guidelines: Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention to form the foundation of the design of the early childhood approach.

In 2020, Reimagine Australia designed and delivered the first National Blueprint for Early Childhood Intervention to 2030, on behalf of the Commonwealth Government, called ‘Reimagine Early Childhood: A National Action Plan to 2030’. Access the Action Plan here.


Reimagine Australia’s traces its roots to 1986, with the formation of the Early Intervention Association of South Australia. In 1994 all State and Territory Early Intervention Associations agreed to form a national association, known as the Australian Early Intervention Association (AEIA). The first national conference was held in Adelaide that same year.

In 1997 the organisations name was changed to Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA) to reflect our work in birthing and shaping the national early childhood intervention sector.

For more than three decades ECIA has led the nation in pioneering and progressing early childhood intervention practices at both commonwealth and state government level. This includes our leadership and advocacy for inclusion, working in deep collaboration with national peak bodies on initiatives such as the Joint ECIA/ECA Inclusion Statement.

In 2020 we looked at how we might continue our ground-breaking and life-changing work for children and their families, whilst influencing and shaping the future of community through inclusive design. In order to meet the contemporary challenges and opportunities before us, ECIA emerged as Reimagine Australia.

Reimagine Australia’s vision remains to ensure that children with disability and/or developmental delay, and their families, have every opportunity to thrive. We do this by supporting families and service providers, whilst reimagining the communities in which families work, live and play through embedding strategic and inclusive design and culture at the core of the government and the business sector.


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